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ENA Gymnastics News

The Best Gymnastics Classes

Jump In and Join the Fun!

Now Registering for FALL Classes

Junior Gymnastics

ENA provides specifically designed, enjoyable classes for children 18 months through 5 yrs old.

General Classes

ENA runs a general gymnastics program for children 5 years and older.

Advanced Classes

ENA offers advanced classes for gymnasts looking for more skills without competition.

The ENA Philosophy

At Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics we believe that gymnastics training provides the best possible foundation in physical fitness, emphasizing the development of strength, flexibility, and coordination, the basics of all sports. We aim to develop each student’s self-discipline, self-confidence, and enthusiasm, as well as gymnastics skills.
My daughter loves the classes and is becoming a better athlete every week.

– Katherine, ENA parent since 2010

A Look Inside ENA


Where Champions Are Made.

Talent + Hard Work + Determination


The USAIGC Competitive Program provides an environment that fosters and nurtures the attributes of a sound mind, sound body leading to successful healthy and well-rounded athletes.


ENA’s USAG Girls team is State, Regionally and Nationally known for our award winning competitive program. We start at Level 3 and continue through the Elite level of gymnastics.


ENA’s USAG Boys team has members that compete at the State, Regional, and National level. Each year this team expands to include new accomplishments and recognition.


Let the Fun Begin!

Throw a Party Everyone Will Flip Over.

Celebrate Your Next Birthday at ENA Gymanstics

Make your child’s birthday celebration extra special and unforgettable with an ENA Birthday Party!

  • Gymnastics Fun
  • The only paty at ENA Gymnastics
  •  ENA Party Specialists —in addition to running the gymnastics and/or cheer portion of your party , they will help you set-up, serve and clean up the Party Lounge
  •  ENA medal for the birthday child and a ribbon for each paid party child.
All Parties are 90 minutes in length.

Designed for children age 4 and above, this 90 minute party package includes either 45 or 60 minutes of gymnastics and use of the party lounge. In the gymnastics portion of the party, the children will do an obstacle course, participate in specially designed games, go on the equipment and the birthday child will go on our famous harness and “fly.” The birthday child will receive a medal to commemorate their ENA party and each party child will receive a ribbon. Two ENA party specialists are provided for parties up to 24 children. Three will be provided for parties over 24.

  • 60 Minutes Gymnastics/30 minutes Party Lounge — $25 per child
  • 45 Minutes Gymnastics/45 Minutes Party Lounge — $25 per child

Children in the Gymnastics Portion MUST be at least 4 years of age — No Exceptions

Times available —Sunday at 12pm, 2 pm and 4pm

12 Child Minimum—30 Child Maximum

Birthday child receives an ENA medal and each party child will receive a ribbon

Birthday child is free (one free birthday child per party) (birthday child is not included in the 12 child minimum)

Additional Information

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Children must be at least 4 years of age to participate in the gymnastic portions of All Gymnastics Party. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Children under the minimum age may not enter the gym (even with a parent).

The only parents allowed in the gym during the gymnastics portion of all parties are those of the birthday child.

In the party room portion of the party, ENA will provide tables and chairs for the number of children confirmed. All other items (food, drinks, paper goods, tablecloths, candles, matches, a knife to cut the cake, etc.) are the responsibility of the family hosting the party.

The gratuity for the staff working your part is NOT included with the price of the party. Gratuities are greatly appreciated.

We recommend the use of Mangiamo’s Pizza – 201-225-0555


See what’s happening at ENA Gymnastics.

Olympian to Visit ENA

A gymnastics superstar is coming to ENA Gymnastics! FOR MORE INFO OR QUESTIONS VISIT 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez will spend Sunday, February 19, at our gym! You have the opportunity to meet Laurie, win great prizes, and raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and PACG. The more money you raise, […]

ENA Gymnastics Gear! (Great Gift Idea)

ENA Gymnastics is launching an online shop just in time to get some high quality gear for the holiday season. The order deadline is 11/13/2016 at 11:59 pm. All Sales Are Final. No Returns or Exchanges. Go to the online store at ENA ONLINE SHOP and enter sale code: 5RWMA

Hezly Makes a Strong Showing at the Ranch

ENA’s Hezly attended the 2016 Tops National Testing at the US Womens Gymnastics Olympic Training Center, the Ranch. Hezly tested this year as an 8 year old.  She is aiming to be one of 50 best gymnasts that will qualify her to the Tops National Team.  Hezly’s strong showing at the Ranch is a testament […]

Summer Camp  at ENA is a Blast

Summer Camp at ENA is a blast of a time. We have a camp for all ages.   Ages 6 and up are in our half day gymnastics camp. This camp is for girls age 6 and above who love gymnastics. The camp is Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and sign […]
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We Love Making Headlines.

Looking for the best gymnastics classes for kids?

Located in Paramus, New Jersey, our facility is 10,000 square feet of the latest and most innovative equipment gymnastics has to offer. A bi-level gym with a beautiful solid oak railing, this facility can train anyone from a curious tot to a high level athlete. Resi-lite pits effectively teach many skills performed on the uneven bars, vault, and off of a power tumbling strip. A fully padded in-ground trampoline, two large balance beam stations, and an oversized spring floor make learning fun and easy for any gymnast.

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ENA Gymnastics


Easy! Online Enrollment.

Rules and Policies


All Students will be charged an registration fee. This fee is good from September through August. 


Because of our strict student to teacher ratio,  We limit make-ups to 2 per session. You must be currently be an enrolled student to make up a class.   No refunds for classes missed including scheduled holidays.


PARENTS MUST NOTIFY THE SCHOOL TO DROP A STUDENT FROM CLASS. Only a written notice via email, regular postal mail or hand delivered to our front desk will be acceptable.

Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student’s classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify the staff VIA WRITTEN NOTICE. Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that he/she will no longer be attending classes. If a student stops coming to class without notification then that student’s account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student’s place in that class instead of offering that place to one of the many on a waiting list.


Boys or Girls may wear tucked in T-shirts and shorts OR Leotards for Girls. NO chewing gum or dangling jewelry. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that is stays up for the entire workout. Girls should not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort during activity. All students should have activity-appropriate footwear during class. Personal items should be left in cubby holes. Jewelry should not be worn during classes. PLEASE LEAVE JEWELRY ARTICLES AT HOME. This facility’s staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen. Be sure your student’s personal items are marked with their name.


Be sure your student arrives 5 minutes before (no earlier please) his/her scheduled class time. Please pick up your student on time. Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your student. Instruct your student to wait inside the building and you should escort them from the building to your car. During peak times the parking lot is crowded. Please take into consideration that our students may include young children. Please drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car.


I understand that ENA reserves the right to use photographs and videos taken at ENA Gymnastics, Paramus, NJ for media purposes.  This includes but is not limited to News Print, Television, Radio and Online advertising.  If you do not wish to have your child’s image used by ENA Gymnastics for media, please inform the front desk of your withdrawl from the media policy.


Inclement Weather Closings 

If weather conditions warrant an unscheduled closing, this information will be on our answering machine. You can reach it by dialing 201-262-6244. Our web-site ( will also be updated. We constantly update both our answering machine and website on days where there may be a weather issue. In addition, if we have your e-mail address on file, we will send you an e-mail advising you if we are going to close due to weather conditions. If you’re not sure if we will be closed, call us. We con-stantly update the message on our voice mail to re-flect the current weather conditions and our status as to closing. 

If ENA cancels because of weather conditions, stu-dents may schedule a make-up class in any class where there is an opening. This make-up must be scheduled in advance and after ENA has closed for inclement weather. 

Students in Cheer and Sunday classes will be issued an ENA credit for classes cancelled by ENA because of inclement weather since make-ups are not available for these classes. 



If you have any doubt as to whether or not we’re open, just call! The answering machine is always up to date. 


Refund Policy 

 Gymnastics Classes — Once a session has started, cash, check or credit card refunds will not be issued. In-house credits will only be issued if we are notifiedPRIOR to the third class of a session for session classes. Once the third class of the session has been held, we can no longer issue in-house credits. The annual registration is not refundable and will remain in effect for any classes/camps/programs the child takes at ENA through August 2014. The regis-tration fee is non-transferable. 

 In the event of a long term illness or injury (more than two weeks), a doctor’s note is required. You will be issued an in-house credit for classes your child will be unable to take FROM the date ENA receives the doctor’s note. Credit will NOT be issued for classes missed PRIOR to ENA’s re-ceipt of the note. 

 In-house credits must be used by the end of Au-gust 2014. These credits are not transferable to other families. 


In consideration of permission to use, participate in, and/or observe the activities, today and on all future dates, on the property, facilities and services of Eastern National Academy, Inc. (“ENA”), I, the undersigned, hereby expressly agree on behalf of myself, my spouse (if any), and my minor child(ren) (if any), for today and on all future dates:
1. THAT gymnastics, cheerleading, and any and all other activities conducted at ENA are participation activities and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved in and/or arising from my use or presence upon the ENA premises. I HEREBY ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS INVOLVED IN OR ARISING FROM MY USE OF OR PRESENCE UPON THE PREMISES, including, without limitation but not limited to, the risks of bodily injury resulting from the negligent or deliberate act of another person, the failure of an apparatus or equipment, or other general negligence, gross negligence, and/or recklessness;
2. THAT there are other gymnastics facilities, gyms, and workout and coaching facilities at which I and/or my minor child could also participate, practice, and be coached in the same activities as are available to me/my minor child at ENA;
3. THAT I/we voluntarily choose to join ENA under no duress and of my/my minor child’s own free will;
4. TO RELEASE ENA, and all of its successors, assigns, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, insurers, companies, heirs, and agents (collectively referred to as “Releasees”) from, and AGREE NOT TO SUE ANY OR ALL OF THEM, on account of or in connection with any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, costs, or expenses arising out of my use of or presence upon the premises, including, but not limited to, those claims for bodily injury, whether or not caused by the negligence, gross negligence, recklessness, or other fault of ENA and/or the Releasees;
5. THAT I shall indemnify and hold harmless ENA and the Releasees against all liability or loss, and against all claims or actions based upon or arising out of damage to property or personal injury, including but not limited to death, caused by, or sustained in connection with my and/or my minor child’s presence and/or activities on ENA’s premises or by conditions created thereby, including, but not limited to, liability, loss, or damage caused primarily or partly by the negligence of ENA or of its officers, agents, employees, or subcontractors, whether such negligence be active or passive, and liability, loss, or damage based upon any violation by ENA of any statute, ordinance, building code, or regulation. This provision includes, but is not limited to, ENA/the Releasees’ attorney’s fees, and litigation expenses necessary to successfully enforce this indemnification/hold harmless provision. This right to indemnity includes, but is not limited to, all damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses resulting from or relating to any claims, actions, suits (page 2of2) or proceedings in law, equity, or other theory whether in negligence, tort, contract or otherwise asserted against by or against ENNthe Releasees.
6. THIS RELEASE shall be binding upon my heirs, my mmor children, my administrators, my executors, my assigns and my legal representatives;
7. TO WAIVE the protection afforded by any statute or law in any jurisdiction whose purpose, substance and/or effect is to provide that a general assumption of the risk, release, and hold harmless shall not extend to claims, material or otherwise, which the person giving the release does not know or suspect to exist at the time of executing the release;
8. THAT, whenever possible, each provision of this Agreement will be interpreted in such manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law, but if any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law or rule in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability will not effect any other provision or any other jurisdiction, but this Agreement will be reformed, construed and enforced in such jurisdiction as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provisions had never been contained herein.

Download our Rules and Policies: Download

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